186Rise up you women who are at ease!  Hear my voice, you confident, and careless daughters! Listen to what I am saying!  Isaiah 32: 9-13


All Christian Women have been CALLED to live a Kingdom Woman Lifestyle and it is time to RISE UP!  We can no longer “shy away” from this awesome “charge” from God for our lives.  The word says that many are CALLED but few really understand what it means and what it takes to manifest the purpose of this assignment in their lives.  We fail to realize that God’s purpose was not meant to be an option. It was apart of the deal when we accepted Jesus Christ as Lord of our lives.  We agreed when we read Roman 10:9-10 that we would surrender our lives through his grace.  We agreed to walk in the authority of the word to be A PRAISE AND GLORY FOR HIM . 

In Isaiah 32 the Prophet Isaiah speaks to women who had relationship with God but became “distracted” or had minimum understanding regarding the value and importance of being Kingdom Women.  They failed to realize the impact of their lives on the world.  They were acknowledging the reality of God but there wasn’t any impact/evidence in their lifestyle, relationships or community. 

The same is taking place today.  The lack of forward movement has caused openings in the spirit realm regarding the areas that our womanhood affects.  We impact EVERY aspect of society, our community, our families and the culture.  This lack has caused generations to loose sight of purpose and directive and we are now seeing an infiltration of worldly principles and lifestyle in the church.  There is no stability in this place.  God through his word is calling us back into position.


1.      Remind yourself that you are a Kingdom Woman.

No matter how hard the circumstance, we can not loose our “identity”.  We must stand firm in who God is developing us to be as Women.  We represent his Kingdom.  People must be able to “identify” us.  They are suppose to “see” God.  It is his nature that is suppose to shine through our lives.

2.      Analyze your decisions and make sure they reflect the word of God.

In order to reflect the word, we must know the word.  Our beliefs and values are molded by the information we allow in our lives.  If we don’t have truth as our foundation; the world, magazines, culture and other relationships will be what “forms” our truth for our circumstances.  We are KINGDOM WOMEN. We are “Chosen” to represent HIS Kingdom in the earth.  We need to know what we are going to do, how we are going to handle the circumstances and the boundaries we will use for our decisions.

3.      See the promises with your minds eye manifested in your life.   

We must be settled in our FAITH.  The promises are yes and AMEN in our lives. Our HOPE is built on NOTHING LESS!!! We must have foresight regarding the direction we are going. We must have peace that God is our supply and strength.  We must remove options that go against our Faith! We shouldn’t be caught by surprise by the enemy.  As Kingdom Women we don’t make “sudden” decisions.  We are precise and “process” our choices before making decisions.  We do this because we understand the effect of our choices go beyond our current circumstance.  It impacts our future decisions and relationships.

We are being charged to pay attention and move forward in a different direction for purpose.  There is a need within the Body of Christ for women to make themselves available and trust God In Genesis God was speaking his heart also towards women.  We are truly apart of his master plan. 

It’s time to RISE UP ye Women.  We are to accept his CALL for our lives.  He has a work for us to do.  We have a CHARGE to KEEP and a GOD to GLORIFY!  We have been CHOSEN and we have within us what we need to fulfill his purpose.


I will walk in your divine purpose for my womanhood.  You have called me from the foundations of the world to represent you in the earth.  I stand according to the principles of the word of God.  I stand as a reflection of your glory for other women, my family, my community and culture.


Do you know what the word says about your womanhood?  Do you believe that every area of your life should be dedicated to his glory?  How do you live as a Christian Woman?  Are you doing it? Is it just acknowledgment or are you putting these principles into practice in your life?  Give an example of a circumstance and how you used the word to handle it?  What was the result?

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For more on our Identity and Womanhood being a reflection of who God is in the earth, read my new book. “The EVE DILEMMA. How to Overcome the #1 Temptation Every Woman Faces in Becoming Who She is Destined to Be.”  Order your copy today at 

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There is a Word for your Circumstance

Woman ReadingThe Widow Woman was under a lot of stress. Her husband had died and she didn’t have enough food to last her the week. Her circumstance had brought brokenness in her heart and caused her focus to be more on her circumstance than the word of God for her circumstance. We know she had a word from God because of what God told Elijah in 1 Kings 17:9  

   9Arise, go to Zarephath, which belongs to Sidon, and dwell there. Behold, I have commanded a widow there to provide for you.


     We can get so heavy with our situations, that we fail to step out into what God has for us.  We can become “disobedient” to the word that was designed to deliver us out of our circumstance.  The Widow woman continued to look for sticks to prepare her ”last” meal even when she had a word from God.   As Kingdom Women we must “train” ourselves to focus more on what God is saying, than what the circumstance is saying.  We must allow the “truth” to be the final word even when circumstances become tough. The widow woman finally chose to obey God and God provided for her.


The Shutimite Woman had a opportunity to believe in the faithfulness of God when her son got sick unto death.   God wanted her to be successful in her life and family.  She asked Elijah if she was being punished by God. 

We must learn to HOLD ON to our TESTIMONIES. They truly can be life lines when we are going thru 8.8_MAINour circumstances.  We must remember that when we allow God to go thru the circumstance with us; he will open doors for us. 

 When you are going thru, let someone know who can agree with you.  Allow someone to speak into your life.  A fresh perspective can make a huge difference in your life.  Elijah became that “other” perspective for the widow woman and it empowered her circumstance and revived her son.

 21And he stretched himself upon the child three times and cried to the Lord and said, O Lord my God, I pray You, let this child’s soul come back into him.22And the Lord heard the voice of Elijah, and the soul of the child came into him again, and he revived.23And Elijah took the child, and brought him down out of the chamber into the [lower part of the] house and gave him to his mother; and Elijah said, See, your son is alive!

Romans 8:18 paraphrased says, the circumstances you are going through will not be able to compare with the GLORY that shall be revealed in you.  This means that God will develop greatness in you while you are in your circumstance.   You GAIN while you are going thru and you will be greater.  The circumstance will bring VALUE to you; because you changed your perspective!!! woohoo!


1.     There is a WORD for your circumstance.

2.     Remember your TESTIMONY during challenging time to RECHARGE your faith.

3.     God is faithful and can be trusted for your situation.

4.     Be careful what you say…. speak the word for your situation.

5.     Act on the WORD given to you by GOD.

6.     Don’t allow your circumstance to DICTATE your actions.

7.    Allow others to speak into your life.

8.    UNDERSTAND that even when you are going THRU a circumstance, you WIN… because you are DEVELOPED and MATURED thru it.


You are my source.  You are how I will succeed in this circumstance.  I give this situation to you.  God get the glory from it.  Thank you for understanding and growth  I bless you in the midst of my circumstance.  I WIN no matter what I go thru!  I bless your name.

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Balancing It ALL

enoughThe Proverbs 31 Woman is the BOMB!  She can cook before dawn, balance children in a single bound while purchasing land with the other hand. lolol. She is who  EVERY WOMAN wants to be. 

 I truly believe that this scripture is a testament of a woman who has a life that is FOCUSED and CONSISTENT.  Even though we all have alot on our plate…. we can have BALANCE.  The problem comes when we don’t PLAN for what we have to do. You should have your MONTHLY PLANNING CALENDAR in your PURSE so you can fill in the important information.  Whatever you need to do…. DO IT. 
Focus and Consistency are the Keys to Victory. When you are FOCUSED and CONSISTENT you can move forward with more assurance and confidence.  You are able to hold fast to your choices and see progress.  Galatians 5:1. says having done all to stand, stand therefore. When we stand it doesn’t mean that we are not doing anything. It means that we are “actively” holding on to our choice and that nothing will move us out of our decision.
1. What do you want in your situation(s). Write it down
2. Don’t put God in a box. Allow him the room to orchestrate your victory. Sometimes we look for God to do things a specific way and he wants to come another ( Man at the Pool of Bethesda)
3. Find scriptures that you are going to stand on. It will increase your “faith”.  Faith is what makes hope work. Hope is expectation of what you are looking to manifest in your situation. The scripture says that faith is the substance of hope.
4. Stay focused, surround yourself with things that edify your destination (tapes, scripture, people, music).
5. Consistently speak truth and positive words in and over your circumstance.We can not always control what comes at us, but we can control what we do with it!
Romans 8:18, 28, 31. The suffering of this present time is not worthy to be compared with the Glory that shall be revealed. What you are going through now can not compare to what you will gain if you allow God to walk through the experience with you.
Allow Holy Spirit to guide you! Quiet your emotions.Some good scripture are Psalms 71, Psalms 63, Psalms 62.
They speak of being overwhelmed but making a decision to trust God!
Be Blessed!


Holy Spirit show me how to balance the situations in my life.  Bring people that speak truth to empower my circumstance.  I speak peace to my emotions and  wisdom to my understanding.  Thank you for trusting me with a family,  a job, a home and people in my life that I impact for your GLORY!
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Are You Distracted?

20100224-frustrated-woman-300x205Blessed be the Lord, because He has heard the voice of my supplications. The Lord is my Strength and my [impenetrable] Shield; my heart trusts in, relies on, and confidently leans on Him, and I AM helped; therefore my heart greatly rejoices, and with my song will I praise Him. The Lord is their [unyielding] Strength, and He is the Stronghold of salvation to [me] His anointed PSALMS 28:6-8

Mordacai rent his clothes, placed sackcloth upon his body and went into the midst of the city. He cried with a loud and bitter cry when he heard the plot to destroy the Jews. When he reached the King’s palace Esther sent her maids to clothe him but he refused. She wondered why he was so upset. Mordacai had come to remind Esther why she was in the palace. At first she rejected her responsibility to the situation. In her mind her life was not flowing in that direction. Mordacai saw that Esther’s priorities needed to be reset away from self and turned towards God. He challenged Esther to reconnect to the purpose of God for her life.

It is easy to lose focus. As women our schedules, plans, programs and agendas can easily 20100519-thinking-woman-300x205take priority in our life. We forget to pray, we stop going to bible study, we no longer acknowledge him, we don’t read or meditate on the word of God. We allow ourselves to become desensitized to the impact of God’s grace and mercy within our lives. Like Esther we can forget that our life is the tool God uses to impact the world; therefore, God sends people into our busy life to remind us of purpose.

We must realign our lives. The hedge that was created with prayer and study will thin out if we allow life to continue to press against it. We must take the time to replenish it and listen to those who are sounding the alarm as they speak the heart of God for our lives. Don’t allow yourselves to be drawn away from what has sustained you.

Roman 8:35, 37-39 says, “Who shall ever separate us from Christ’s love? Shall suffering and affliction and tribulation? Or calamity and distress? Or persecution or hunger or destitution or peril or sword? Vs. 37-39 Yet amid all these things we are more than conquerors and gain a surpassing victory through Him Who loved us. For I am persuaded beyond doubt, that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities, nor things impending and threatening nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor dept, nor anything else in all creation will be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

1. Write the things you need to focus on.
2. Remember to honor God with the choices you need to make regarding the circumstances in your life.
3. Pray and ask God for wisdom on how to move forward.
4. Connect with people who can mentor you and give you wisdom and balance. It might not always be what you want to hear, but it will take you to your next season.

We must remember him in all our ways. Acknowledging him opens us to answers for what seems insurmountable. Allow him to bring the balance you need for your life through his word.

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book promoThe Eve Dilemma

“How to Overcome the #1 Temptation Every Woman will Face in Becoming Who She is Destined to Be.”

Answering the questions, “Who am I?” and ”What is my Purpose as a Christian Woman?” can be some of the hardest, most challenging questions in a Christian Woman’s life. For many women, our lives have been impacted and defined by the culture, life experiences, or the decisions we’ve made on our own about how to define and live out our Identity and Womanhood.  Before we can ever answer these questions, we must overcome the #1 temptation and purposefully decide to trust and allow God’s purpose and plan for our Identity to be reflected through our lives, but this is not always an easy task.  Because of this challenge, many women fail to covenant their their Identity and Womanhood to God, and in turn, they end up dealing with an Identity Crisis, not truly understanding that God sees women as His Image Bearers and we reflect who he is in the earth through our Identity and Womanhood Journey for his purpose and glory!  

Don’t despair; you are not in this journey alone.  Eve had the same challenges with the #1 temptation. Through examination of Eve’s Dilemma, Stephanie Kirkland gives us a comprehensive look at the importance of making a covenant regarding our Identity to the purpose and plan of God, which helps us build our Identity, Womanhood and Purpose.  Eve will inspire and help us look at ourselves by using her life story as a mirror for our own journey.  Through her life we see ourselves.  We see our challenges.  We see our questions.  Now, get your answers.  

 By following the 7 principles laid out in Isaiah 32, you will have the foundational information and tools to help you covenant your Identity to God and overcome the #1 temptation every woman will face in becoming who she is destined to be.  You will understand that through God, each of us can become fully and freely the Women he created and redeemed us to be, and fulfill our purpose as his Image Bearers in the earth through our Identity and Womanhood Journey.

pebbles26 STEPHANIE M. KIRKLAND is an Author, Certified Personal Growth Coach and Minister who is passionately living and pursuing her best self and life through a faith inspired perspective.  She empowers people just like you to grow personally, professionally and in ministry.  Her thought provoking, interactive, life altering IN PURSUIT OF ME! Groups, Courses, Workshops and Resources provide the necessary tools to prompt YOU to discover and pursue living and becoming your best self.  Stephanie lives in Charlotte with her husband and sons.

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FROM CHALLENGE TO VICTORY: Part 2: It’s Bigger than You

STATEMENT: God’s Agenda is BIGGER than “just us” and he has invited us, through salvation, to walk in COVENANT (partnership) with him for HIS WILL to be manifested in the earth.  We are in PARTNERSHIP (covenant) for PURPOSE and sometimes we FORGET because of what we are going through.  Our lives impact other situations and people that GOD is INVOLVED in.  So, what is the WILL OF GOD?  The WILL OF GOD is for HIM to be glorified through our lives. Hannah’s son would impact another situation for the glory of God.  Your situation can do the same if you allow it.

SCRIPTURE:11 In Him we also were made [God’s] heritage (portion) and we obtained an inheritance; for we had been foreordained (chosen and appointed beforehand) in accordance with His purpose, Who works out everything in agreement with the counsel and design of His [own] will,12 So that we who first hoped in Christ [who first put our confidence in Him have been destined and appointed to] live for the praise of His glory! Ephesians 1:11-12

QUESTION: Are you wanting God to help you because it is really about YOU and you never thought of the BIG PICTURE?  Or is it about the BIG PICTURE, God being glorified THROUGH your life (no matter the situation)?

If it is about the BIG PICTURE… Have you ASKED HIM TO USE YOUR CIRCUMSTANCE FOR HIS GLORY?  If not, submit your circumstance to HIM for him to use.  Then everyone benefits

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FROM CHALLENGE TO VICTORY 60 Day Study Journal is a creative way to TRANSFORM your Perspective regarding moving your Challenges to Victory.It ALL BEGINS with the right tools to move your process forward.God is not limited to only using “good times” to impact our lives.  He desires to walk with us in the midst of our challenges.  Invest in YOURSELF and your life and get this power packed 60 Day Guided Study Journal.  You will receive key life proven truths designed to move you from Challenge to Victory. 

Study Journal Includes

*Weekly Participants Guide for the Video Sessions (12 weeks)
*Daily Wisdom/Inspirations
(60 Days)
 *Daily Scriptural References
(60 Days)
*Daily Guided Journal
(60 Days)
*Based on Devotional Study Method

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Mother’s Day Brunch

Hello Ladies!

I want to personally invite you (and/or other moms you may know) to join me for a Mother’s Day Brunch, Saturday, May 4th, 2013 from 9:00 a.m.– 12:00 (noon).

We want to pamper, encourage, empower and build you up regarding your role and responsibilities as a Mother. We understand what a “unique” and beautiful privilege it is to be a mother (natural, adopted and spiritual) and want to empower you on your journey.

I am so excited to share in this special time with each of you, for God is yet calling me to gather mothers… young, seasoned and expectant, near and far to come together for a very special time designed to minister to your spirit, soul and body! The tickets are $20.00 which includes brunch and a special gift from us.

It promises to be an unforgettable experience as you will receive great impartation, pampering, and strategies for your life and children.


Seating is limited to 25 ladies, so no tickets will be sold at the door.  This event will SELL OUT so please register and get your tickets ASAP. Blessings.

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ARISE It’s Your Time



Eventbrite - ARISE! It's Your Time.


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